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are latex mattresses good

January 9, 2021
… Driven by a more sustainable manufacturing process, the ease of online ordering, and more competitive pricing, latex mattresses have been surging in popularity. Medium and medium-firm models especially tend to perform above average in regard to reducing / preventing (back) pain. See mattress type comparison to learn how latex compares to other types. The organic variety uses natural latex and cover material (usually organic cotton) grown without pesticides or herbicides. Consult a health professional if you believe you may have a latex allergy. We think this mattress is an excellent mattress for back sleepers of all weights because it’s among the most supportive of all latex mattress options. All-latex beds are made using only latex while latex hybrids employ other materials, such as foams or innerspring coils, as well. Layers Customizable means that there are firmness options for each layer when purchasing the mattress. While a case can be made that natural latex is at least slightly healthier and safer than commonly used synthetic bedding, such as polyurethane foam, this advantage is not due to the naturalness of the latex. Dunlop is often better suited for those seeking a more firm and supportive mattress, while Talalay is often better suited for those seeking a softer and more conforming mattress. Generally not a strength of latex mattresses as at least 10% of owners report a significant sleeping hot problem. For ratings on specific brands, see the following section. And yet, they typically sleep much cooler, are far more responsive, and last much longer, than most all-foam models. This is due to the sleep issues it solves for sleepers who have used other mattress materials. Rotating the mattresses head to foot and or rotating / flipping layers may be needed to maintain comfort & appearance. Customization, several firmness options, and convenient layer adjustment / exchanges result in fewer owners needing to add a topper to improve comfort compared to other mattress types. Latex is a luxurious material used in manufacturing high-quality mattresses. Most latex mattresses conform to some degree, but offer minimal traction. Latex Mattress Ratings Overall structure in place and to prevent the particles from settling. Memory foam and other mattresses tend to sag in a very less time as compared to latex mattresses. are “natural” latex — even if the product extracted, and there is no flash freezing. A latex foam mattress will also absorb less body heat than a bed with polyfoam or memory foam. Another difference is that the Dunlop method produces Latex mattresses are usually not very bouncy, since the material is designed to isolate motion to some extent. 3 All-natural latex beds often consist of several different layers. It is applauded as one of the best mattress types. 9 Sample sizes are not large enough to provide statistically valid satisfaction rates. The truth is that many plants are toxic and potentially deadly to humans and animals. The above may come as a shock considering the wide acceptance of the notion that something is necessarily healthy, safe, and better if it comes from the wholesome bosom of Mother Nature. Whether or not you opt for the organic variety, you can feel good about doing your part for the environment when you purchase a latex mattress. The following includes many of the more popular all-latex mattresses / sellers, especially those for which significant owner experience data is available. The Benefits of a Latex Mattress Latex mattresses are made from either all-latex foam, or a combination of latex and other materials such as innerspring coils and memory foam. Natural Latex vs Synthetic / Blended Innerspring, or coil, mattresses are certainly tried and true. google_ad_width = 200; The Materials in Latex Hybrid Mattresses. And organic varieties may have a "barnyard" odor initially due to the presence of wool. metal springs in spring coil mattresses are believed to amplify electromagnetic radiation. Support for sleeping or sitting near the far edge of the bed tends to be neither a clear strength nor clear weakness. Density refers to how much a piece of latex weighs. google_ad_slot = '3404396256'; These layers can also be removed and rearranged / restacked to adjust firmness and comfort at home as needed. Latex has a unique feel that blends contouring, resilience, and comfort. This is becoming increasingly popular, especially among eco-conscious shoppers and parents of babies and young children. is acceptable if the slats are no more than eight inches apart. Learn more: latex vs memory foam. The latex in latex mattresses can be natural, synthetic or blended. All-natural all-latex beds may smell of rubber initially, say at least 15% of owners. Latex also provides lasting comfort and higher durability than other mattress materials, as a latex mattress is expected to last upwards of 25 years. It has a medium firmness and an 11” thickness profile, making it ideal for back sleepers. Without this ability, the entire mattress would have to be replaced or repaired. process. As a result, "compression depth" is an important term which refers to how much (in inches) the mattress must compress / sag before warranty coverage begins; the smaller the number, the better the coverage. Latex also has little if any of the squishy, pudding-like feel that some memory foam can have. It is also possible to have a reaction to latex, such as a skin rash, which is not related to the latex itself, but rather to the chemicals used in the manufacturing process. Sleep soundly with the best mattresses for stomach sleepers. Latex mattresses have a unique feel that makes them a fan favorite among a large range of sleepers. Simmons is available nationwide through … The mattress should be a good fit for back and side sleepers. Models with talalay latex, especially in the comfort layer, tend to offer better-than-average distributed support and pressure-point relief than those with dunlop. This is because of the comfort and cushioning properties of the latex, as well as its ability to promote natural spine alignment. Check to be sure that your latex mattress is labeled as 100% natural, such as those made by Latex For Less and PlushBeds, and that it contains no additional fillers or chemicals. Return hassle can range from low to high depending on the seller and whether the mattress comes in customizable layers. Latex mattresses offer various benefits, such as greater comfort, improved sleep quality, and reduced pain. Thicker, firmer models tend to perform best. Prices range from $500 for a basic queen mattress to $6,000 for a latex plush super pillowtop queen mattress. Ratings are based on over 450 latex mattress owner reviews and experiences collected from diverse, credible sources. Dunlop and google_ad_width = 300; But the fact that overall thickness for at least two-thirds of models is below average tends to decrease opinion of value. To better understand what they offer, let us take look at the most popular types of mattresses today. Rainforest Alliance Certified. The take-home message from this list of pros and cons is that latex mattresses deliver a stellar quality of performance. Models with dunlop latex in the comfort layer tend to offer less resistance to changing positions and getting up. ‘What are the Pros and Cons of latex mattresses?’ is a common question asked by customers looking for latex mattresses. Because latex is intrinsically more durable, latex mattresses can be a good choice if you weigh more than 200 pounds or want a bed that lasts longer … Talalay are the predominant types of latex processing. They are a fine entry point mattress without many frills, but there are significant reports of sagging over a very short period. People that like responsive beds. Dunlop and Talalay are the predominant types of latex processing. Assembly usually takes less than one hour. It is calculated by taking a cubic foot of foam (12″ x 12″ x 12″) and weighing it. 2. Be aware that some manufacturers / retailers say their mattresses The most common latex mattress durability complaint is that they compress or develop body impressions. True latex allergy is a reaction to certain proteins found in natural latex. A foundation is not needed but can be used if an increased mattress height is desired. Latex mattresses are known for their exceptional comfort and impressive durability. Also, a layer can be exchanged for one of a different firmness if necessary, thus avoiding the need to return the entire mattress. For those who want the ultimate in environmental friendliness, organic latex mattresses are available. A latex mattress … Consider that many of the most harmful-to-human chemicals are 100% natural, such as botulinum toxin A, tetanus toxin A, diphtheria toxin, and muscarine. Key Comparisons. Finally, a longevity advantage is also likely from mattresses with customizable layers. A more sustainable manufacturing process makes them relatively eco-friendly, while natural latex — … The mattresses often but not always require assembly (see table below) by stacking the various (and often heavy) layers inside the cover and zipping closed. Latex mattresses are available in a compelling mix of designs and firmness options. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3078017963233163"; Softer models appear to have more heat-trap complaints than firmer ones. Customizable layers can usually be rearranged at home to adjust the firmness level thereby minimizing the need to return any or all of the mattress. You'll feel more comfortable, well rested, healthier and happier after sleeping on a latex mattress. Beds with good motion isolation absorb movement made by one person so as to not disturb another. ILD stands for Indentation Load Deflection and refers to latex firmness. While buyers can choose to add a pillow-top, the standard version may work best for back sleepers, since it provides a flatter, denser surface. Air is extracted to evenly distribute the foam liquid ILDs of 14-22 are often considered soft; 23-29 medium; 30-37 firm; and 38 and higher extra firm. Much like memory foam mattresses, a latex mattress will conform closely to the body to align the spine, relieve pressure points, and offer a supportive, more comfortable sleep. PlushBeds Mattresses. Most latex beds require 1" to 1.5" of compression to occur before coverage begins which is average or better compared to the typical mattress warranty. All-latex mattresses tend to perform above average in regard to lifespan. Helix Midnight Luxe: Best for Hot Sleepers. 8 SLTD rating is Sleep Like The Dead's grade for a mattress company based on customer satisfaction, construction / specifications, customer service, BBB rating, time in business, warranty, marketing accuracy, specification disclosure, and access to and integrity of customer reviews on company websites. Saatva Latex. It is generally safe from toxic components that are usually present in memory foam and polyfoam mattresses. Additionally, latex is very durable. 100% natural latex and blended latex can be made using either I wanted to avoid the off-gassing of memory foam so I was specifically looking for a latex mattress. /* 200x90, created 9/10/08 */ Latex mattresses are a bit different than your standard mattress, and they’re great for a wide variety of sleepers. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates, sleeping guides & promotions. The best mattresses for side sleepers, including medium and soft firmness, plus memory foam and hybrid options to give you comfort, support and relief from back pain. Firmness and thickness options along with customization tend to allow the mattresses to be suited for people of large, average, and small size. Persons of above-average size (230 lbs+) should probably avoid mattresses less than 9-inches thick. All have the same basic properties but differ in certain ways. An improper foundation can void the mattress warranty as well as undermine comfort / owner satisfaction. If you're someone with pain and pressure points who sleeps too warm on foam beds, then a latex mattress will probably be a cooler, more breathable alternative. It serves different functions from cooling to body contouring. The Solaire Mattress is a customizable mattress consisting of latex and foam layers atop air chambers. How they are made: For the Talalay process, a tiny amount of latex is poured into Two terms you may come across in your latex mattress shopping are density and ILD. Also, a layer(s) can be exchanged for one of a different firmness if necessary, thus avoiding the need to return the entire mattress. This variety also often uses a wool cover which allows the mattress to meet flame retardant standards without the use of PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ethers). USE 'HELLO2021' FOR FREE DELIVERY IN JANUARY. For more on how a latex mattress compares to memory foam, see our article Latex Mattress vs. Memory Foam Mattress . And then there's asbestos, arsenic, and mercury among other deadly natural substances. The mattress core is flash frozen to lock the cell Also see mattress warranties: what to know. The following is not a substitute for medical advice. Latex mattresses aren’t as well-known as, say, memory foam or innerspring ones. 5 Easy Comfort Adjustment means that individual layers of the mattress can be removed and rearranged / restacked to adjust firmness and comfort at home as needed. Latex mattresses are slightly more responsive than foam models, but they lack the rapid response time of innerspring, hybrid, and airbed mattresses. Most latex mattress warranties are for 20 years, while some less expensive models may have 10-year warranties. Let's take a look at these. Latex mattress toppers can provide at least some of the benefits of a latex mattress at a fraction of the cost. The third number is the minimum amount of sagging depth in inches that must be present for the warranty to engage; the smaller the depth the better the coverage. Findings are based on over 450 actual latex mattress owner experiences collected from diverse, credible sources.