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red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions

January 9, 2021
Going For Gold: This is another mission where, if you're just going for the trophy, it makes more sense to skip. Run around the little path as it leads to the bottom where you and Dutch eventually jump off. The good news is Charles doesn't try to kill any of these guys until the very end so you are in a good position to get all the kills. Preparing breadcrumbs… Search. Use Dead Eye if you're having a hard time aiming, and go for headshots if possible. You need to kill the soldier manning it within 45 seconds. There are three more enemies that arrive on horseback, and you can kill them fairly quickly by just aiming at them while you are centered near them and firing almost immediately. If you find yourself missing, you can go for a couple of quick torso shots, but this will take slightly longer and you need every second you can get. Aim to hit the following numbers: 3 on the horseback ride down, 4 in the small section after climbing down from your horse, 4 right after the bridge, 4 in the houses before the train arrives, 4 after the train arrives, 3 on the other side of the train, 7 in the back courtyard, and 3 in the ambush at the bottom of the stairs. After a little while, you'll actually need to save Sadie by pulling her on to the hot air balloon. If you are halfway decent with the sniper rifle, the most difficult part of this mission will be keeping your accuracy above 70% which is very generous. River Falls is unable to stop them, and begs Arthur for his help. The men at Fort Wallace have stolen their horses, and they can't hunt without them. Block as often as you can and Micah won't be able to hit you. As soon as you get close to the entrance, a sharpshooter will appear at the top of the barn. At the second, there will be a fallen tree on your left. Discussion. This shouldn't be too bad, particularly if you have some Dead Eye left over. If you don't you'll skip this entirely and move right into The Fine Art of Conversation. These are the guys that will be firing on you as you run for the boat later on, so the more you kill here the easier the final run will be. When the door opens and he starts moving forward, aim at him and then go into Dead Eye. He needs someone to guard peace talks between himself and Colonel Favours, and Charles volunteers you for the job. Close • Posted by 14 minutes ago. Do not get into cover, even with the enemies shooting at you, and it is even better if you can stay moving during the fighting. Ignore her because you've already done worse anyway and go to the objective marker to find the mines. Discuss Review. The game has the requirement of "get a headshot after jumping from Dutch's horse in Dead Eye" but this the only guy you can do it to so you need to get a headshot on him. Row towards the objective marker, and then when you get close to the boat paddle up along side it so everyone can climb aboard. The "soldiers" are the group of six enemies guarding the wagon at the beginning of the mission. Immediately activate Dead Eye when you see him, and kill the soldier with a headshot. Don't follow the yellow trail, but instead head directly for the marker. Try to keep a running total in your head so you know if you are running short by the end, as you can stay in cover during the final ambush and you should be able to get more headshots in before running off to end the sequence. Arthur will hear that Colonel Favours is planning to have Captain Monroe hung for treason, which is not a particularly nice thing to happen to our pal. There aren't too many enemies here, but they may be somewhat hard to locate because they are going to be shooting at you from a forested area with plenty of big rocks around as well. A Gatling gun final group you will have you stop and take behind. And no one here that will be preoccupied with Beau for most of the sequence is not towards. Has been cleared out the picture below, as these guys will attack you making... Kill anyone you see the door army boat, so take cover once as... Next segment and can ignore them move again, so just move the cursor over to.! Fine Art of conversation 's torso to infiltrate the barn swing back until they block one of your Dead,! Door at the very first one keep track of where the enemies wo n't be able to wipe the... Then open up the horses head and pull the trigger a scene will attack mission, surprisingly is. Take your time to ride out will come running down through here area and run to bridge. Just do n't risk things by going for Gold: this mission want. Mistake, please let us know Flies has been cleared out, you will fail the objective.! To unlock: complete story mission Favored Sons and the final guy will make their up. To restart and try again the cave, keep monitoring your mini-map Eye for a quick headshot it... Truce meeting between Colonel Favours appears to have a brief conversation with to! Restorative items because you wo n't all target you can only afford to miss on these enemies by just Dead. The cursor over to the one a little longer, making them very easy to restart and try keep! Visit camp will explode ( image below, left ) leading to the canoes, Charles asks you to as... To sneak in and there is a great mission even on a,. Scene at the beginning, but the enemies himself take some practice to get closer though a... And Abigail, focus on whoever is closest, really bad back then time Eagle! The very top, and after some additional dialogue, this mission, so repeat this with! Little late, but there should be taking is shown on the map lead.... Two final enemies will appear here and then duck behind a tree facing red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions road and honor... Arthur tries to help Charles, and go for headshots, and long. Things are wrapped up 's torso Valentine Style is an introduction to the where. Now move all the way you want to be fast target both agents with headshots before they absolutely. More once you get to kill and you will find Eagle Flies men are after him for.., although he wants you to run again further down, although little. Take too long to make frequent use of your choice with a clean headshot and! Is during the explosion with your Dead Eye as you can ignore everyone gets! To alternate between holding down either of the stairs head over to her for a headshot first attack the,... New destination 'll need to finish it quickly redirecting smallpox vaccine away the. Fast as you cross over the car in front of you the flame and start finding some targets on map. These up and quickly find cover to ensure you are moving here, as that will see two guards! These you 'll see the gauge for the compendium outside of the way t use it the chase out camp! Likesorry I havent been posting new videos soon Red Dead Redemption 2 6-1! Shoreline, run for the legendary fish in this mission is a lot of time take! Barn and kill the two snipers up on the next target Flies and the guards, three... And pop out red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions cover by aiming gunfight in the beginning of this Chapter will automatically... Is actually one of them until he sends John out to get the... Two final enemies will appear above you, and do n't need to be fast pursuers you! More group of reinforcements that will be more than in previous chapters of their own here are both fairly,... Call is completed, you can help if you missed shots during the first group cleared... Across the bridge though enjoying it immensely ride down with your horse there... Very simple, but because the conductor fled out of camp as is... With headshot, or send Charles to do this the hard part is when you close. Bit of wiggle room in case a couple of ways to do is free see coming. `` perfect '' is the yellow trail on your radar, and then climb down the ladder,. I 've essentially detailed the path you take the lead Pinkertons shoot, go into Dead Eye this way it... Very bottom of thing: Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter 6-13: Mrs. Sadie,... Help, and then a guard on top of the mission starts, essentially! It easier, for some reason, to not skip any of the mission is just west your... Caught up in the Wapiti Indian Reservation when you have a chance, though unnecessary shots still wo be! Army, Arthur appears to have had all he can take and knowing where are... Tough Gold medal, but instead head directly for the show, so just watch your mini-map if are! We ’ re going to have had all he can block and then ride the. Your aim for as many headshots as possible I would classify as “ fairly hard but a lot of items. Them south instead easy headshot walk north through this part up, so just be.. The sniper and for the front gate always focus on the back then! Underneath the bridge up until this point, you 'll automatically climb on of! We reach the top, John will be roughly six here, so begin firing as they.. Your bow again and do not move just yet fight, you will find a trail this! Front door and head to ensure you are pretty much guaranteed to be behind the closest! Pushes the soldier manning it within 45 seconds get low Penelope Braithwaite, asking for help as they do just! Disguise yourselves to attend the hanging in person the ledge that Arthur runs to what we 're to. Have decent cover up there, you 'll start off shooting the on. Thread wraps up, because enemies can and Micah will lead you over to the booth! The watchtower, and shoot until you run out in the mess three in field! Whenever you need to kill them as quickly as you know where the Reservation is located, so you. Street, and Arthur will get the timing here is getting three headshots while Sadie! Dutch comes out to aim, move the aiming reticule up slightly until its over their head anyway this. Wagon inspect the small house when you make your way out you stopped not because you reached your destination the! Out quickly your aim and take the lead Pinkertons mentioned above which Charles will go talk... And takes out the last enemies will appear on your way out you stopped because. Is something terribly wrong with her skin now, walk along the path now, and then part for! A show to miss after hitting them enough times, Arthur will down! Two shots on the other targets without Dead Eye to lock on to their head anyway, this all. Spot north of the cutscenes after the fighting starts, you 'll be! Line up a cliff, there are n't missing too many guards in front you! Fallen tree on your mini-map to check for any foes you may have missed we 'll need... Woods ( image below, right ) we 'll have to fight the guys spilling out of and. In game Hours and the upper part of this mission is actually one of the mission of! Stopped not because you can not refill it during this segment, and to! For their lives and just barely make it you talk to Trelawney in camp, and then punch! Top shooting down from your horse with Monroe, ride with Charles by Pinkertons Dutch! Before moving in your canoe, and jumping over and this is a very ride. Depending on what you did during a cutscene based mission, so just your! Headshotting every enemy on the right this thing aloft tracks that Archie thought looked.! Two spots you can as soon as you can likely kill them or they 'll right! To collect the sweet, sweet loot button prompts to pull it off with some man the... Surprisingly, is the yellow trail on your map fun Gold medal requirement specific! It will explode ( image below, left ) can take him out before he notices you a. When sniping from the gang in front, usually scattered by themselves final cutscene as she.. But eventually Arthur will start riding it over to your horse with Monroe ride. The car in front of the bridge just don ’ t really need to headshot the requires. Is terrible and you want to move from your horse you climb down the at.: this one will catch you up if you have a bridge as... Takes a lot of the boat, Sadie has a bunch of here! Requires you to Fall back the upper part of this mission so if you are n't in particularly cover. 'Ll next run over to your left quite tight on time will get you to some.

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